Wildfire victims protecting their own properties against Looters-Weather Channel Live News. Livestream Updated hourly!!FRIENDLY CHAT AND HELPFUL COMMUNITY OF PEOPLE PLUS CLEAN CHAT HERE. ALL WELCOME. A 24/7 ALL YEAR STREAMER…California Fire Coverage Live! FLORIDA!-HURRICANE PHILIPPE Track(The 19th)-Weather Channel Live News. Support the stream: UPDATED LIVE STREAM! 24/7 365 DAYS WARNING!GULF&FLORIDA!!-HURRICANE PHILIPPE CONFIRMED!!-hurricane track-Weather Channel Live News.. when you go to site, click GLOBAL on top, then pick CMC,
its been tracking this depression days ago, then press play. Stay informed of New Hurricane Philipe Track, Press play on the top!

WARNING Miami Florida! Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi NEW Hurricane-hurricane Philippe track-Weather Channel Live News.NEW STREAM! WARNING! All be safe. Philippe will go across Florida as a Tropical Storm, then go into the Gulf, reform into Hurricane Cat 1, then sucked back out into the stream, bringing it back across Florida again but as a Cat 1 Hurricane. Please take shelter, take pets, take all the important documents, pharmaceuticals, canned food, photo albums etc. Leave early please! Ask for link for proof and I will gladly provide..DK (use gas buddy app to find gas if you leave late)
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Puerto Rico Veterans may also call the Veterans Disaster Line at
1-800-507-4571 to receive assistance with prescriptions? issues
Veterans who have been displaced due to Hurricanes Irma &
Harvey can go?
To Check On Loved Ones in puerto rico
E-mail: maria1@prfaa.pr.gov Only send one e-mail, no follow-ups
Call 202-800-3133 or 202-778-0710. Please provide your contact info share as many details as possible.
Maria damaged communication systems, cellular phone towers &
telephone landlines, VA officials have? been
monitoring the Veterans Caribbean Facebook pg & responding
FEMA help for Puerto Rico

Help support Hurricane Maria relief Help support those who have
been affected by Hurricane Maria
PR Federal Affairs Office? (202) 778-0710 or(202)278-3133
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We do not underestimate your feeling under the stresses of losses and or tragedy as these hurricanes produced.
Please contact if you need: Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 /Crisis Text Line:741741
If you need a shelter location, let me? know I’ll look one up, Pet friendly?
#Ophelia #Philippe AND #RINA ALL seem to be coming from the Atlantic and NOT the #Caribbean
where these are suppose to be forming this time of year. be safe!
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