Health is wealth. Yes, we know that! But do we put that knowledge into practice often? Well, the true story is most of us don’t. But why? I think I hear a “ain’t nobody got time for that!” among the cries…

Did you know that out of the thousands of diseases that are out there, non-communicable diseases are slowly on the rise to claim the throne for no. 1 cause of morbidity in the world? Diabetes and obesity have become a massive burden in national as well as in individual levels.

The key to beating problems like diabetes and obesity is simple. Eat right, exercise and live an active lifestyle. Even though the former two are somewhat achievable, in today’s white-collar desk job context, sedentariness is almost unavoidable. That’s why you should know about Integrated nonexercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT), which only requires you doing a simple set of mini-tasks to keep your metabolic rate high and calories burning while you get on with your daily activities.

NEAT boosters include maintaining a correct posture, regular yoga exercises, breathing exercises, fancy poses (such as the tree, the volcano, etc.), on the spot and seated exercises such as lunges and high stepping. It also adds if you are an ardent follower of tips on effective socialization activities and lifestyle hacks that bring you in touch with nature. The best thing is you can do all of it without having to put on your track bottoms and running shoes!

So get involved and get yourself updated on NEAT boosting exercises and beat obesity with ease.