Defensive driving makes a driver enable to detect the hazards while driving. It is assumed that defensive driving skills are taught in classrooms but in actual, a number of them are taught at the roads.

Drive Slow

Don’t hesitate to drive slowly as compared to your surrounding traffic. In actual, with high-speed driving, it becomes hard to control a vehicle. However, you should drive slowly particularly in severe weather conditions.

Have an Escape Plan

Drivers take more time to learn this skill, but in training of defensive driving, it has a great importance. An escape plan provides an opportunity to take a special step in any unexpected situation of traffic. This plan also teaches you how you can change your lanes in the time of need.

Maintain Proper Distance

By forming a “wolf pack” technique, defensive driving training teaches you how can maintain an appropriate distance between your and next vehicle. All in all, it demonstrates that you should always a have a safe distance between you and next drivers.

Reduce Distractions

During driving a vehicle, the reduction of distraction is essential. In this regard, defensive driving gives a lesson to participants that they should have to boycott smartphones and electrical devices while driving.