From Tuesday September 11th, 2001, The complete TODAY show program with no affiliate network news

– Coverage runs from 7:00 A.M E.D.T – 1:00 P.M E.D.T

– In memory of the 2,974 victims killed that day

Timeline of events of the first 2 hours ( ALL Times Eastern)

@1:46:32/ 8:46:32 AM – A.A Flight 11 crashes into the World Trade Center’s North Tower

@1:51:34/ 8:51:34 A.M – Matt Lauer mentions a breaking story is developing at the W.T.C. NBC Goes into commercial as it waits for pictures

@1:53:34/ 8:53:34 A.M – NBC non-stop coverage begins with Katie Couric and Lauer reporting on the plane crash at the W.T.C

@2:03:01/ 9:03:01 A.M – U.A Flight 175 crashes into the W.T.C’S South Tower

@2:15:21/ 9:15:21 A.M – Couric reports that NBC has received information that an A.A flight was hijacked and purposely crashed into the W.T.C and a second plane was also hijacked and crashed

@2:19:05/ 9:19:05 A.M – Jim Miklaszewski makes 1st report from the Pentagon “Pentagon officials are all ready calling this a Terrorist attack”

@2:30:08/ 9:30:08 A.M – Awhile visiting a school in Florida, President George W. Bush makes remarks on the unfolding attacks

9:37:46 A.M – A.A Flight 77 crashes into the Pentagon

@2:39:11/ 9:39:11 A.M – Miklaszewski reports of an explosion at the Pentagon

@2:46:35/ 9:46:35 A.M Tom Brokaw joins Coverage

@2:59:01/ 9:59:01 A.M W.TC South Tower Collapses

10:03:07 A.M U.A Flight 93 crashes in a field in Shanksville P.A after a revolt of the flights passengers

@3:20:38/ 10:20:38 A.M Pat Dawson makes 1st report from the ground on the scene of the W.T.C

@3:28:23/ 10:28:23 A.M W.T.C North Tower Collapses