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Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards called the widespread flooding spawned by the region’s pounding rain across the southern part of the state a “truly historic event” that won’t be over anytime soon.
The rain battered the parishes around Baton Rouge and is expected to move west, he said at a news conference Saturday.

There are record levels of flooding and cresting along rivers and creeks that will affect homes, roads and driveways, he said.
“This is a major disaster,” the governor said. “This is an ongoing event and we are still in the response mode.”
At least three people have died so far as a result of the flooding sweeping through south Louisiana, officials said.
The body of a 30-year-old woman was recovered Saturday afternoon in St. Helena Parish, Michael Martin, the chief of operations for St. Helena Parish Sheriff’s Office, said The woman was traveling with her husband and mother when their vehicle was swept away by the flood. Her mother and husband were rescued.
Officials have not released the name of the woman.
She is the second known flood victim in St. Helena Parish. Samuel Muse, 54, of Greensburg died when his vehicle was submerged Friday after a portion of Highway 10 collapsed at Darlings Creek, CNN-affiliate WAFB reported.
“At this time, troopers believe that Muse attempted to drive through high water and his vehicle was swept off the road,” the Louisiana State Police said.
The state’s first flood-related fatality happened in East Baton Rouge Parish on Friday. A 68-year-old man drowned when he slipped and fell in flood water.

Dramatic rescue
There was almost a fourth victim, but three men in a boat stumbled on the woman’s nearly submerged convertible just in time, and struggled to pull her out as the car filled with water.
“Oh my God, I’m drowning, I’m drowning,” the woman said in a faint voice, as captured in a video given to CNN.
“We’re coming, we’re coming,” one of the men said. They tried to smash the passenger side window.

National Guard soldiers, search assets deployed
More than 1,000 people have been rescued from cars, homes and elsewhere from swift-moving floodwaters and more than 100 pets have been saved, Edwards said.
“People that should have evacuated didn’t, so they are having to be evacuated,” Gov. Edwards said.
Ray Cutrer told CNN that the flood seemed to come out of nowhere after about 21 inches of rain fell over 24 hours. His daughter, whom he had moved next door to two years ago, believed they might get a bit of water in the house but didn’t fear a deluge.
“Our guard was down,” he said. “And then it was a matter of just watching the water continually rise.”
By midnight Friday they were storing furniture and other valuables in the attic and carrying what they could over the back property line as water continued to fill the road.

Livingston Parish
The round-the-clock vigilance of rescue teams and police played out Saturday in parishes across central and southern Louisiana, from the Mississippi to Texas borders.
One example of such activity was Livingston Parish, near Baton Rouge..
As the rain pounded the Bend Road area of the drenched parish early Saturday, Livingston sheriff’s deputies worked to get the word out to several hundred people along that stretch: Get out now if you can.
This is a “life-threatening situation,” sheriff’s office spokeswoman Lori Steele said in a TV interview.

Never seen water like this”
Todd Voight, 31, who lives behind Brandon’s Appliances in Amite, checked on his home and the store he runs with his brother Brandon.
Both took on water, but were not severely damaged. “I’ve never seen water like this,” said the lifelong Amite resident.
Sandy Morgan, 34, was rescued by boat Friday night along with his family and returned home Saturday morning to survey the damage.
He told CNN he built the home six years ago, and only got flood insurance six months ago.
“Thank God,” he said.
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‘Major disaster’ in flooded areas of Louisiana | View Details | live News 24×7