When it comes to Valentine’s Day, it’s time to bring out the fireworks for all of your plans. When you have a boyfriend, you might think of making this time of the year extra special for him. Whether you prefer to bring out your kinky side – letting out your inner femme fatale with a sex toy or two – or your sweet one – preparing an entire meal – it would be nice to place your best foot forward.

If you are interested in the latter, one idea that you can have is to create a recipe that is inspired by this favorite holiday. And, what better way to celebrate it than with a glass of cocktail that looks and taste like it was something created from Venus herself?

I’m going to share an exceptional recipe which provides a shade of red so beautiful that it can immediately bring more love in the air.

Do you want to give the day an alluring twist? With this raspberry-flavored cocktail, you can make your love potion. If alcohol is your preference, you can also play around with the recipe by reducing the liquor content. Are you interested in making it extra symbolic? Place hearts and roses around your glass for maximum effect.

Love Potion Cocktail


Preparation Time: 5 Mins – Total Time: 5 Mins

Invoke the Goddess of Love with this unusual cocktail.


1.5 oz. of raspberry liqueur

Maple syrup in raspberry flavor

Sparkling water

Ice cubes


1. Your first step is to create ice cubes that seem like genuine hearts. To create the shape, use a silicone mold. After that, fill half of the form with raspberry maple syrup. Use cold water for the remaining half. Place it in your freezer until it transforms into heart ice cubes.

2. Proceed to the cocktail-making. Start it off by placing the result of the previous step. Take out a glass and add at least three heart cubes.

3. Open your raspberry liqueur and pour it into the glass as much as you like. After getting your fill of liquor, fill up the remaining space on the glass with the sparkling water. Make sure to stir until it creates a beautiful red tone.