While the major TV networks will fall back on their tired old red vs. blue maps of the US on Election Night, RT America will approach the results from a different angle. After all, the effects of the election will be felt around the world.

Guests line up:
16:00 Gary Johnson
16:30 Panel: Ajamu Baraka, Arvin Vohra
17:00 Ron Paul
17:30 Panel: David Cobb, Larry Sharpe
17:30 Ralph Nader

18:00 Panel: Marshall Auerback, Chris Versace
18:35 Richard Wolff
18:45 Panel: Randa Fahmy, Bernard Whitman
19:30 Panel with Peter Schiff, Edward Harrison
19:45 Thom Hartmann

20:30 Lena Taylor
21:00 Jane Kleeb
21:30 Alan Grayson
22:15 Brad Bauman
22:15 Heidi Harris
22:30 Jane Kleeb
23:00 Lena Taylor

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