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Hours after Salem District Collector Rohini Bhajibhakare announced compensation for the land acquisition for the Chennai-Salem Expressway, the farmers that are hit by the proposed land acquisition have rejected the compensation.
At a press conference on Friday, Salem Collector Rohini said, “The district administration is taking all the steps to compensate farmers to their satisfaction along with a suitable relief and rehabilitation plan for them. The compensation provided will not just be for the land. We will pay for structures on the land too like all the trees, wells, houses and cow sheds.”
Announcing compensation for their losses, the Collector said, “As per provisions of Land Acquisition Act and the guideline value, there is scope for farmers getting compensation anywhere between Rs 21.5 lakh to Rs 9.05 crores per hectare. Till yesterday, the preliminary measurement for the road has been done for 17 kms. 126 hectares of land belonging to 853 patta owners has been measured for this road.”

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