Hey guys, this call today was NOT planned! Too many of you have contacted me because you have, or are planning to sign NDAs with either Dave Schmidt, JCR, Mark Meersman or some other individual. This will be a different kind of call today, so I will be playing a call that I received from Puerto Rico on Monday night.

The person who contacted me had a family member, a female, fly all the way from Puerto Rico to Utah to exchange with Mark Meersman.

Then, well, I guess you will just have to hear the LIVE call yourself when I play it. I will mention one other name that came up, Bishop Larson. I’ll leave it at that for now.

For all of those who are planning to do a “private exchange” you better listen to this call, I’m serious.

Newsletter Link –

Call Time: Tuesday 9/20/2016 at 9am Central
Number – 712-775-7035
Pin – 181 420
To ask a question hit Star (*) and Six (6)

Only ask questions if you have signed the NDA, are planning to sign, or have already “exchanged”

NDA Vietnamese Dong – Private Exchange – Mark Meersman –

PIF Mark Meersman Dinar Exchange NDA –

Mark Meersman – PIF Topshelf – NDA – Dinar Dong Private Exchange –

Some have been promised high rates of return if they have the following currencies:

Iraqi Dinar
Vietnamese Dong
Zimbabwe Dollar
Indonesian Rupiah