Since Lexus’ launch in 1989, the lavish brother of the popular Japanese automaker Toyota has grown in leaps and bounds. The brand has been competing unrelentingly with other high-end European products throughout its lifespan. Its prized flagship model, the LS, is frequently compared with Mercedes Benz’s S-Class and BMW’s 7 series.  

Lexus has successfully captured its fair share in the luxury automotive segment owing to its slightly undercutting price tags, professionalism in service and the much lauded QRD (Quality, reliability and dependability) concept.

In 1998, the company introduced its brainchild, the crossover RX. Since then the concept of part-car-part-4×4 has been a hit, and has been adopted by all contending brands. Today crossovers dominate sales in all vehicle segments throughout the world.

However, the year 2017 has not been very bright for Lexus in the US, as its sedan range sales have plummeted a -23{02b21832d40bad7966296de9fe86b12040116de2bb78c29338a0e72b6df269e8} against the +1{02b21832d40bad7966296de9fe86b12040116de2bb78c29338a0e72b6df269e8} rise in the SUV range, resulting in a net negative of -8{02b21832d40bad7966296de9fe86b12040116de2bb78c29338a0e72b6df269e8} when compared with the previous sales year.

It is in this backdrop that the company announces its new flagship model, the LS. Set to be launched in February 2018, the new-comer seems to have been re-designed to overcome the controversies surrounding its predecessor’s looks. Lexus has also announced that it will be available in both gasoline and hybrid options. However, a plug-in variety will not come through until 2020. The base price is expected to be somewhere around US $75000, although an official confirmation is yet to be made.

And now let’s take a look at the pros;

  •        Great interior; the new LS features an origami textile on doors, which is a downright winner. The unique design is unprecedented in any other competing models, and adds to the artistic value of the interior.
  •        Excellent for sporty use; the LS lives up to expectation in terms of driving dynamics. Handling, steering and powertrain are all well balanced and leaves no room for criticism, as usual.
  •        Hybrid option; with this eco-friendly approach the LS not only can cut down on your fuel bills, but also will help save the environment in a responsible manner. The technology involved here is hailed as one of the best in practice in the hybrid atmosphere.
  •        Comfortable rear seat; spacious and meticulously placed, so that your long journeys will be enjoyed more and more.
  •        Relatively low price tag; as mentioned earlier, the LS will be going on sale for a (estimated) base price of $75000, which is pretty hard to beat considering what it’s got to offer in return.

The cons;

  •        The so-so front seats; though it does not lack behind in comfort, having to reach over a distance for the centrally placed knobs and buttons may somewhat prove to be a drag.
  •        Primitive infotainment system; it supports neither apple carplay nor android auto, which is somewhat a surprise considering its class. You may also find that the GPS graphics too do not live up to expectation.
  •        No plugin option; not at least until 2022 does Lexus plan to go full Phev, a long wait I would say.