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Popular producer Kalaipuli S Thanu opened up to reporters about the recent controversy surrounding him, Superstar Rajinikanth’s Kabali and a distributor called Selvakumar.
Selvakumar had openly alleged that he was promised reimbursement of a part of the amount he spent on distributing Rajinikanth’s Kabali in the South Arcot and Pondicherry regions.
Thanu, in his reply to the allegations, stated: “You will all be knowing of Selvakumar’s allegations. He does not have any connection with Kabali. One Mr Venugopal from Bengaluru came forward to buy the film – Selvakumar brought him to me.

I was asked to give him the film, and I refused because he did not know about the business. But after recommendations from directors, I agreed. We signed a contract, in which Selvakumar was merely a witness.

After so much time after Kabali’s release, Selvakumar comes now with these allegations. I feel that this is an attempt at targeting Kaala and grabbing money at this crucial time. This is not an attack on me – they know that Rajinikanth is very generous, and they want to exploit that.”
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