Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the two least popular presidential candidates face off with a third of young voters considering a third-party candidate, FUSION will deliver live coverage of the first Presidential debate of 2016. Will the candidates address the issues that young voters care about including criminal justice, student debt, climate change, gun violence and discrimination? FUSION’s diverse team of correspondents and reporters will find out. FUSION’s Nando Vila will be joined by FUSION correspondent Miriti Murungi, host of “The Traffickers” Nelufar Hedayat, and political blogger Katie Halper to dissect the debate in context of why the two mainstream parties are losing the youth vote. Jorge Ramos will join the team to contribute his insights.
FUSION’s live coverage of ‘Trump vs. Clinton: Round 1’ will kick off @ 8:50 PM on Twitter and Facebook and pick-up on FUSION Network @ 9PM (channel listings).

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