POT TV – Watch Cannabis Culture News LIVE for the latest news and views on pot politics and the marijuana community. In this episode: Washington and Colorado have reformed their marijuana laws. Will British Columbia be one of the next to end the War on Marijuana?

Dana Larsen of Sensible BC joins the show to discuss his provincial ballot initiative to decriminalize pot. Larsen, the former editor of Cannabis Culture and founder of the Vancouver Seed Bank and Vancouver’s Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary.

See Dana Larsen’s speech videos starting here (unfortunately, we weren’t able to capture them properly for the video):

Also on the show: Cannabis Culture and Pot TV owner Jodie Emery joins us in-studio to discuss Liberal Party leadership candidate Justin Trudeau’s calls for the decriminalization of marijuana.

We play more video highlights from the amazing week of mainstream coverage thanks to legalization in Washington and Colorado.

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