Dasari Pradeep, a head of pornographic websites, who is learned to be running four websites has been arrested by the Hyderabad police on Saturday evening in Bangalore. According to the reports, the website owner has been posting the fake news on various actors with vulgar comments. Following the Movie Artists Association complaint(MAA) over a few YouTube channels, and illegal websites, the Hyderabad Cyber crime police have started investigating the matter and arrested Dasari Pradeep at Bengaluru. He has been reportedly brought into Hyderabad and likely to be produced before the court. It has been reported that many such websites and Youtube channels are making money with false news and they are also likely to be prosecuted.

Allegedly, the YouTube channels owned by Dasari Pradeep spread gossips, rumours on some celebs especially actresses to gain more clicks and views. Pradeep was managing websites like a Nude Images, suk7, actors boobers, nude sex images, Tollywood images websites.

Actress Hema reacted to the arrest of one Dasari Pradeep, and she thanked the police for their efforts. Stating that Movie Artistes Association (MAA) had lodged complaints against 35 such websites, she said the arrest should make others in the business jittery. Cyber police say that they would chase the rest.

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