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Sen. John McCain on GOP Sen. Jeff Flake Announces He won’t Run Again in 2018!! #JohnMcCain
Breaking News: Sen. Charles Schumer speaks on President Donald Trump’s Tax Reform!! #POTUS
Panel Discuss on Sources Trump-Corker Feud didn’t come up at lunch. #Breaking #POTUS #Corker
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GOP Sen. Corker on Trump ALERT THE DAYCARE STAFF!! #DonaldTrump #WhiteHouse #POTUS
NYT Fox News Renewed O’Reilly after he paid $32M Settlement
Panel on White House Blames Red Tape for delayed condolence letters
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Developing Story: Gold Star Widow VERY ANGRY at Donald Trump’s Call..!! #GoldStar #POTUS
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Myeshia Johnson speaks out #Breaking #MyeshaJohnson #Headlines #DonaldTrump
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Panel Discuss On Trump Trashes GOP Senator Bob Corker…!!
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