Update March 24th
Maybe you guys missed this file but on this site they tell you how to make a HAARP ELF VLF Monitoring device. Its a low cost low power unit designed for people to monitor their activity.

You cant ask for better than the people that built and run the antenna telling you how to make a DIY weekend project to check up on them.

Site back up again

Update 3/21 please be sure to watch this video so you will understand a little more about how wayback logs sites.

Also be sure to catch me on Joyce Riley’s “The Power Hour” show on the 23rd where I will be discussing this topic.

UPDATE 3/20 This is why they call it “whistler” its the audio file found on this page

Another BIG FIND!!! Just found it tonight

UPDATE: Do not comment about the fact that people have thought for years that HAARP to be a weapon. WHAT IS BREAKING ABOUT THIS is the finding of the government website that confirms and talks about it. After watching dutchsinse’s video where he located a new antenna array. I remembered seeing something like that on the HAARP site long ago. so I went to the way back machine and actually found the archived version of their early site still enact with videos and imagoes.

Here is you proof, they are called the VLF Group, of course VLF is very low frequency, but they describe in their own words on the front page of the web site WEATHER MODIFICATION. Eat it illuminati!

UPDATE: For those of you looking for a way to catch them in the act look at this paper. it gives you the needed info to establish and differentiate the source of the waves.

You better copy these pages, because they wont stay up long after this video hits.

The VLF Groups web site

VLF Group Science Background

HAARP’s old site

Original site

Additional info
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