Breaking News 2015 End Times News Update ISIS ISIL claims Beheadings Ethiopian Christians persecution in Libya Breaking News April 20 2015 – End Times News Update

ISIS ISIL DAESH Beheadings Ethiopian Christians Islamic State Libya Breaking News April 19 2015 Christian Persecution

ISIS ISIL DAESH Behead Ethiopian Christians Persecution Libya Breaking News April 20 2015

ISIS ISIL Behead Ethiopian Christians Persecutions in Libya Breaking News April 19 2015

ISIS ISIL Daesh executed 6000+ in Iraq’s Anbar Area from 2013 till now Breaking News April 20 2015

Breaking News April 20 2015 Ramadi exodus compounds Iraq humanitarian crisis

USA Apache attack helicopters against ISIS assault Air Base Action USA troops closer to combat

Iraq USA Apache attack helicopters against ISIS ISIL DAESH assault Air Base Action USA troops closer to combat Breaking News February 2015

Arizona Veterans Affairs (VA) & CITY OF MARICOPA Elected officials & POLICE FAILURE Kills Veteran in Crisis January 18th, 2015, Johnathon Guillory, a veteran of the war in Iraq Afghanistan was shot and killed by police in the CITY of Maricopa Arizona. 32-year-old veteran left a wife and two children behind. What could have been a PREVENTABLE DEATH by CITY OF MARICOPA POLICE is now turning into yet another case of NEGLIGENCE Breaking News January 2015

Chief of Police Arizona Fired – First responders with PTSD National CRISIS Breaking News February 2015

American Sniper Movie Clint Eastwood’s record breaking about veteran Chris Kyle Killed by PTSD Vet February 2015

City of Maricopa Arizona Cobblestone Farms HOA Home Owners Association (602-957-9191 Cynthia Quillen Mgr. & Board of directors President Ryan Atwood) refuse to help by contacting reaching out to the cobblestone community/homeowners/renters to find out if anyone saw the fatal police shooting on 1/18/2015. Breaking News January 2015. Arizona Department Public Safety Special Investigation unit URGES anyone who saw or heard anything to PLEASE call Detective Jeff Brown 602-223-2110 or anyone in the special investigation unit with any and all information that could help in the investigative ongoing process – Cobblestone Farms Management – AAM, LLC

CANADIAN HOME BUYERS/SELLERS ALERT – City of Maricopa Cobblestone Farms Police killing Breaking news January 2015 for more information contact Cynthia Quillen 602-957-9191

City of Maricopa Arizona Chief of Police Steve Stahl STATING only one person has called the police with concerns about the shooting please call Steve Stahl to let a NOW silent voice be heard on WHY (520-316-6909)

CALL Mayor Christian Price & Vice Mayor stating why police officers killed a Iraq veteran who sought help for PTSD and the VA turned him away when for years had been asking for help Contact Mayor Christian Price (520) 316-6828 Vice mayor Marvin L. Brown (520) 316-6829 City of Maricopa Arizona City Council meeting Mayor Christian Price Chief of police Steve stahl City Council meeting

City of Maricopa Police fatally shoot Iraq Afghan Vet w/PTSD Mayor Christian Price Chief Police Steve Stahl

USA Combat Veterans PTSD Crisis Iraq veteran diagnosed with PTSD called 911 for help and the City of Maricopa police shot and killed him ( says need PTSD help call 911)

Arizona Vets upset Obama skips Phoenix TROUBLED Scandal VA hospital on visit

2014 Martial Law LockDown Never forget 1 Million US citizens Last days End Times News