A Man Producing Counterfeit NEW $100 bills arrested ( LIVE NEWS ) A man wanted for producing counterfeit $100 bills was arrested by Mathis police on Friday and taken to the San Patricio County Jail.

33-year old Ruben Peralta, Jr. is a convicted felon, and police say he is part of a counterfeiting ring that they have been investigating in recent weeks with the help of the U.S. Secret Service.

Police do not know just how much counterfeit money was produced, but they say Peralta has been open about how they did it.

“They take a legitimate bill, scan it, and then what they do, they align everything right so then they print the scanned copy of the legitimate bill onto the clean or the washed bill, and what you get is you get a counterfeit bill,” Mathis Police Chief Gerald Arismendez said.

Christopher Brian Martinez and Andres “Andy” Tamez were also been arrested in recent days for being a part of the counterfeiting ring. Police say all three will be indicted in federal court on counterfeiting charges.